UNDP addresses the challenges of internal displacement in over 60 countries, collaborating with national and local governments, justice, security and human rights actors, the private sector and civil society, as well as with internally displaced people and host communities themselves.

In line with the High-Level Panel report and UN Secretary-General’s Action Agenda on Internal Displacement UNDP’s commitment is to scale up our engagement in internal displaced settings, delivering interventions to accelerate the end of internal displacement (both conflict and climate/disaster related).
UNDP’s new Institutional Strategy to support development solutions to internal displacement takes a human development approach that is based on four interconnected priorities:
1. Investing in robust data, analysis, and evidence to support the design of national solutions plans and strategies.
2. Scaling up innovative, nationally owned development solutions programming through our work on UNDP’s signature solutions, in particular in the areas of (local) governance and rule of law, poverty alleviation and social protection and resilience, with emphasis on emerging areas such as climate-induced displacement.
3. Expanding partnerships especially with DCO to support the RCs/HCs, with the Agencies of the UN Steering Group, and to promote mechanisms for member states engagement.
4. Support access to development financing for solutions through integrated national financing frameworks and other nationally owned channels.

Turning the tide on internal displacement: A development approach to solutions (forthcoming, November 2023)

Towards Development Solutions to Internal Displacement: A Political Economy Approach

UNDP webpage : https://www.undp.org/
UNDP Human Mobility Sparkblue page : https://www.sparkblue.org/dashboard-human-mobility

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