The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) is an international centre of expertise established in 1998 with a global mandate to monitor and report on internal displacement. By monitoring new and ongoing situations of displacement across the world, IDMC provides trusted and verified data and offers analysis and expertise to help better understand and prepare for the challenges posed by this global phenomenon.

Established as part of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), IDMC works in partnership with governments, UN agencies and non-governmental organizations to improve knowledge, strengthen capacity, and galvanise action in support of lasting solutions to internal displacement.

We focus on:

1/ Closing data gaps and improving knowledge

Through direct engagement and collaboration with in-country partners and extensive assessment and triangulation by our global monitoring team, IDMC delivers

comprehensive internal displacement data drawn from a wide range of sources, and contributes to a stronger understanding of the phenomenon

to inform more timely and sustainable response strategies.

2/ Strengthening capacity to measure, report on, prevent and respond to internal displacement

IDMC provides technical advice to governments, humanitarian and development actors on data collection, analysis

and reporting and supports in-country actors with tailored recommendations and tools to advance the achievement of durable solutions to internal displacement.

3/ Mobilizing support and action on internal displacement

By opening up new dialogue opportunities and facilitating national and international policy processes and peer-to-peer exchange, IDMC mobilizes political leadership, public awareness and international action to advance action on
internal displacement.

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