Photo: OCHA/Iason Athanasiadis

Total number of IDPs, 31 December 2020 (IDMC)

Photo credits: OCHA/Ghalia Seifo

National Frameworks

Law 10, a housing and property law, was passed in April 2018, and was intended to expedite the expropriation of land used to house informal settlements. The law established a deadline of just 30 days for people to prove ownership over property, denying many IDPs a route to reconstruction and inhibiting durable solutions.

National Practices

Multi-sector prioritization for the rehabilitation of conflict-affected neighborhoods in Aleppo – a case study: In January 2017, the Shelter Sector in Syria launched a joint initiative with the WASH and Early Recovery (ER) Sectors, in partnership with local authorities, to support a comprehensive coordinated and planned neighborhood-level response. The objective was to facilitate and coordinate the rehabilitation of the newly accessible and damaged areas, by promoting a multi-sector approach, through a neighborhood prioritization methodology. The project aimed at defining shared priorities between partners and the government, to draft a common plan in line with humanitarian principles, advocating for need-based and capacity-based considerations, to ensure a more integrated and efficient response, and support sustainable returns.

This joint exercise identified short and long-term priorities enabling a phased response, thus anticipating the future transition between humanitarian and development responses. The follow-up and long-term objective of this pilot initiative was to draft an inclusive and convergent rehabilitation plan in pilot neighborhoods, following a joint assessment and combining Shelter, WASH and ER specific priorities, while integrating area- based methodologies. This would then constitute a base to repeat the prioritization process in order to target the rehabilitation of the adjacent affected neighborhoods of Aleppo city, proceeding a phased-approach. Read more

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