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GP2.0 Winter Event – Addressing Internal Displacement: The Role of Cities: (Date to be communicated) This meeting will provide an opportunity to share experiences and lessons learned on internal displacement in urban settings and to promote collaboration of humanitarian actors, development agencies and local authorities in addressing internal displacement. In addition, it will advocate for complementarity and synergies between the New Urban Agenda and the work on internal displacement. This event is co-organized by IOM, JIPS, UNDCO, UNHCR, UNHABITAT, and will include the participation of various networks including the Mayors Migration Council, United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and Cities Alliance.


Past Events

GP20 Webinar 10 December 2020

Peacebuilding and reconciliation: Inclusion of South Sudanese Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons and Returnees in the Implementation of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan

GP20 Webinar 6 October 2020

Peacebuilding and internal forced displacement: victims reparation and inclusion in the context of Colombia’s peace process

GP20 Webinar 23 July 2020

IDP data and evidence to prevent and address internal displacement, including to ensure durable solutions

GP20 Webinar 28 May 2020

Financing / funding mechanisms to prevent and address internal displacement, including to ensure durable solutions

GP20 Webinar 16 January 2020 

The essential link between IDP Data and Laws and Policies on internal displacement

GP20 Webinar 12 December 2019 
Putting words into action: Reducing disaster displacement risks through local measures

GP20 Webinar 8 May 2019

Confronting the barriers to IDP women and girls` participation in humanitarian settings

GP20 Webinar 25 February 2019

Addressing protracted internal displacement and fostering durable solutions for IDPs: Learning from Somalia and Sudan

Events and Meetings

GP2.0 Fall Event – 20 September 2021

Leave No One Behind: Building Strategies to Empower the Most At-Risk Internally Displaced REGISTER HERE. This GP2.0 event is organized ...
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